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Reviewed by Debbie Douglas
and Craig Douglas (6)

Everyone loves SpongeBob Squarepants and my 6 year old son is no exception. He loves watching the show and was absolutely thrilled to get these balloon models. The packaging is super, really bright and appealing and in the design of SpongeBob’s pineapple home which I thought was a fantastic touch. A picture of the finished balloons is shown in a porthole image on the front which keeps with the nautical theme.

The pack includes 2 balloons, 2 balloon clips, 2 sticker sheets, 2 stands, 1 black marker pen and instructions. The pack allows you to make Gary and SpongeBob.

I blew the balloons up and put the balloon clip on and then let Craig put the stickers on. I had to help him get some of the sheet so he didn’t tear them but they were very easy to put on and he had great fun doing it. He then wrote his name on them with the black marker pen. The balloons sat on the stands much better than I expected although they didn’t stay on them very long as the kids were playing with them and acting things out with them.

This is a brilliant wee gift and I would definitely buy it again.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £1.99

Available to buy from leading retailers including The Entertainer and The Range.


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