Spray Paint Projection Clock Review


Reviewed by Claire Turner

I was very excited to receive the Spray Paint Projection Clock from Prezzybox – a clock designed to look like a can of spray but when you press the nozzle the time is projected onto the wall or other surfaces (up to a maximum of 3 feet away).

It arrived with 2AAA batteries in the box, it was very fiddly to get the battery cover off the back – the instructions say to use a Phillips precision head screwdriver (which we don’t have) so we had to try a few different ones.

It is a very bright and powerful projector (uses bright white LED’s) and easily shows the time when shone against the walls, curtains and ceiling – it obviously has to be dark for you to see the time the brightest.


My 15 year old stepson was very keen to have it next to his bed to test it out and thought it was brilliant. Equally my 2 year old son has been playing with the ‘clock’ and has great delight in showing his Dad and myself the time!

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £16.50

Available to buy from Prezzybox here.

4 half Star

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