St Andrews Aquarium Review


St Andrews Aquarium

Reviewed by Stella Young

Having had a spell of unusually nice weather, we had decided to save a trip to St Andrews Aquarium for a rainy day. So on a damp and overcast Sunday afternoon, we made the most of the poor weather by taking a trip to St Andrews.

The aquarium did not have its own parking, as it’s set on the side of a cliff. So our first challenge of the day was finding an empty parking spot on a busy afternoon in St Andrews. There weren’t many free spaces, but we were lucky enough to find one. 

The lady on reception greeted us pleasantly, and advised we could leave our pushchair at reception. This was a bit of a problem, as we have 15 month old twins who are not walking yet and a 3 year old. She did warn us there were a lot of stairs and we decided to proceed with the visit anyway and do our best with the stairs. In hindsight, this was probably not the best decision, as I really struggled with the double pram up and down all the stairs, and there were no ramp facilities available. 

Once we entered the main aquarium part, we were greeted by an array of tropical fish and turtles in a warm water area. The largest tank was like an open pool, where even my 3 year old could view all the fish without having to be lifted. He wasn’t so impressed with the piranha tank, but granted this was probably down to daddy telling him they eat little boys! Fortunately there were plenty of other fish to see to distract him away again. 

We made our way through all the other areas, including cold water area, meerkat enclosure, seals being fed and a talk from one of the staff, we unfortunately missed the rockpool talk, but we did manage to see the penguin, all of which fascinated my 3 year old soon. 

Our visit lasted probably around 90 minutes, so wouldn’t plan it as a whole day out, but it was enjoyable for an afternoon trip. I definitely stress it is not buggy friendly, especially if you have two in a pushchair. 

A family pass for 4 people is £29 (2 adults, 2 children – there are other faimily ticket options available), there is also a gift shop which had some lovely souvenirs and themed toys. The shop appeared to be manned by the receptionist as well, who did ask how we’d got on with the pushchair and said she hoped we had managed to enjoy our visit.  A very pleasant young lady.

Overall would probably score it 3/5, it is quite expensive for a fairly short visit.

Rating: 3/5

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