Star Quality – Feel Like A Star On Your Wedding Day


For us girls, our wedding day is the one day where all eyes are on us. We want to look and feel the most special that we have done in our lives. That is why we put some much time and effort into all the preparation. So if you are in the process of preparing for a wedding at the moment, read on to find out what you can do to make sure that you feel like a star on your wedding day.


First, of all true stars make an entrance. So you will need to get an impressive car or vehicle to take you to the church on time. Some brides go quirky and opt for tractors, steam engines or even red London buses. Other prefer the top of the range motors available from VIP car hire firms. It’s in these that you will see the tradition ribbon on the bonnet and the flower synth back window.


It may just be the single most important item that will make you feel like a star at your wedding. A star bride doesn’t scrimp on style or budget because getting the right dress is absolutely essential. That is why you need to make sure you try lots on. Don’t settle for the first one you see.

Even if you have a definitive idea in your mind of what you want, you need to be open to other cuts and styles. For example, some people look amazing in a mermaid-style dress, while others can rock a ball gown. For some sixties glamour how about a spotty chiffon dress with a short veil? Or go red carpet style with a colourful dress in hydrangea or pink.


Of course, it’s not just the dress that makes you feel like a million bucks either, it what you team with it. Getting the right veil can make or break the look. If you don’t fancy a long veil with a train, then why not try on a short and sassy birdcage veil instead? Or beaded and diamond headbands are very popular at the moment and very reminiscent of 30’s movies star style.

The shoes are important too, even if you have a long dress, as you are bound to pick it up when you need to move about. You can opt for a plain shoe. But for that full starlet, glamour go for an all over crystal shoes like Manolo Blahnik. Or how about blues shoes, then you’ll be keeping to the famous rhyme too.


While it’s all very good and well if Uncle Bob, takes some nice snaps of you on the day. You don’t really want to have gone to all that trouble for some amateur photos.

That is why you should get a professional photographer to come in and document your wedding. They understand about angle and lighting so will make you look your best in every single photo. You can even choose to get some printed in black and white to give your wedding album an old Hollywood vibe.

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