Sugru Mouldable Glue Review


Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

There is nothing more disappointing around Christmas time, when the shops are closed, than something important snapping or breaking. A pack of Sugru mouldable glue in the drawer and your worries are over. Coming in packs of 8 single use foil covered packs they are easy to pop in a drawer until needed. The packs come in seven different colour ways including all white, all black, natural colours and primary colours.

I tried out the primary colours pack which included 2 red, 2 yellow, 2 blue, a black and a white which will cover most eventualities. It’s absolutely brilliant stuff and can be used pretty much anywhere as it is waterproof, heat & cold resistant, weatherproof and very strong. It can hold 2kg when set. The silicone content makes it very flexible and easy to mould almost like children’s play putty. I am a big fan of recycling things and reusing things so the first thing that got the Sugru treatment was a phone charging cable that was on its last legs. The foil pack opened really easily, no scissors required, and I just pulled off a small lump of the glue and rolled it between my fingers, it easily rolled out into a sausage and I could just wrap it around the cable and fix the damaged outer casing. After about 30 minutes it started to go hard and lose its elasticity and then it took a further 24 hours before it set firm. Even when set it was still pliable though because of the silicone and it didn’t crack or break when I moved the cable it just moved with it.

Being a glue Sugru can also be used for sticking things not just mending things and it happily stuck up my sons dinosaur coat hook on to the wall, no drilling required. I was so impressed with this product, its dishwasher proof so can be used to mend cookware and salt water proof so my snorkelling goggles will also be getting the Sugru treatment. It takes extremes of temperature before it breaks down, up to a max of 180°c and down to -50°c and bonds to glass, ceramic, wood and metal amongst other things. The only surface it doesn’t stick to is oily plastics, eg Teflon.

At £12.99 for a pack of eight pieces Sugru is a must have for the Christmas drawer, and will save many an argument should the TV remote control or the nutcrackers break!

Rating: 5/5

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