Summer in London with Merlin Attractions Review


MerlinAnuualPassLogoSummer in London with Merlin Attractions

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

This year What’s Good To Do is a Merlin Annual Pass Ambassador so we recently went into London for the day and visited several of their attractions.

We got the train to London as it only about a 40 minute journey to St Pancras. After a quick trip on the underground we exited Baker Street Tube station. Madame Tussauds was just a short way away (you can see it as you exit the tube station). I was delighted to see that they had a separate queue for annual pass holders. After a short wait we entered into the world famous Madame Tussauds wax museum.


We went up a few stairs and then into a lift. When we got out of the lift we saw a huge room full of so many lifesize wax celebrities. The two children in our party rushed from waxwork to waxwork and took selfies with the various celebs. My favourites had to be Tom Cruise, Posh & Becks and Julia Roberts, they are all very realistic looking.

Over the course of the day we then went on a London cab ride (Spirit of London Ride) which was very educational. The other 4 members of our party had a great time in the Sherlock Holmes Experience. My daughter’s face lit up when she spotted Zoella & Alfie, or Zalfie as they are affectionately known. My niece couldn’t wait to have her photo taken with Tom Daley, her diving hero. Both girls loved seeing the various members of the Royal Family and parliament. We then headed upstairs where I had my photo taken with my childhood hero The Incredible Hulk. We then experienced a brilliant film in 4d. We were wowed by the special effects and every single one of us was giggling. After the film we headed down into the Star Wars section of the attraction. My daughter was delighted to see all her favourite Star Wars characters.

That was sadly the end of our trip and we headed out via the guest shop. We bought some great slushies in refillable containers which we can use on future trips and have refilled at the reasonable cost of £1.


We then headed over on the underground to The London Eye. We had wait of about 20 minutes to embark (considering it’s the middle of Summer and the school holidays this wasn’t a long wait). The capsule itself was fantastic. There were LCD screens and a bench in the centre. The London Eye itself moved at the perfect pace (you don’t feel it moving and one rotation takes around 30 minutes). The views were amazing, you can see for miles. It was a lovely way to spend a weekend afternoon. Three generations of our family went on it and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. We bought a great photo album of our experience that day.


Our last stop of the day was Shrek’s Adventure in London. We popped to the attraction to collect tickets for in an hour of so’s time. We returned at our allotted time and headed into the attraction. I don’t want to say too much and spoil your experience, however, what I will say is it was great. We went from room to room experiencing the story. The people in the rooms got us all involved. Lots of laughs were had along the way.

My niece then had her photo taken with Shrek, before we headed out through the gift shop. The funniest moment had to be when one of Shrek’s little friends decided to run after my daughter. My niece and daughter then had their picture taken with their new friend. We bought a lovely album with the various pictures we had had taken along the way.

We had a great fun, family day out in London and a Merlin Annual Pass makes it so affordable. The pass lasts for 12 months so we can visit all of Merlin’s 32 attractions throughout the UK.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Individual tickets prices for each attraction cost:

Madame Tussauds Standard Ticket:
£35 Adult (from £29 if booked online in advance)
£29.50 Child 4-15 years old (from £24 if booked online in advance)

The London Eye Standard Ticket:
£24.95 Adult (from £21.20 if booked online in advance)
£18.95 Child 4-15 years (from £16.10 if booked online in advance)

Shrek’s Adventure London Standard Ticket:
£27 Adult 16+ (from £18.90 if booked online in advance)
£21.85 Child (from £15.30 if booked online in advance).

A Merlin Annual Pass costs from £129 to £209 per person depending whether individual pass or family pass and whether you want a Standard or Premium pass. These give you access to all of Merlin’s 32 UK attractions for 12 months (some restrictions may apply depending on the type of pass that you buy). For more information, visit


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