Swizzels Easter Mix and Spring Selection Review


Reviewed by Deborah Mackenzie

Swizzels Easter Mix and Spring Selection bags are decorated with rabbits and flowers and the bright iconic images of the household favourites. They included the six most well-known, Fruity Pops, Parma Violets, Love Hearts, Drumsticks, Fizzers and Refreshers. Plus, the Double Lollies – not sure why they were not included in the picture, but they definitely are worth a mention.

As soon as you open the packaging the familiar scent of ‘childhood’ and the brightly coloured wrappers glare at you to ‘eat me’. The hardest problem is choosing which one to have first! My first was: Parma Violets, one of my favourites and they have their own unique smell and taste, there is nothing else like them. Visiting the Swizzels website, they have a whole section for Parma Violets, ‘Heaven or Hell’. Some of their ideas are wacky, but others I would really love like the ice cream.

Every sweet made by Swizzles are labelled and have ‘no artificial colours’, and their flavours do taste like they are meant to. You get the distinct flavours of lemon, strawberry, and violets. The fizz is just enough to give that lovely fruity tingling and frothing in your mouth as you suck or chew the Love Hearts and Fizzers. Were my kids the only ones who try and put as many fizzers into their mouth and try and say ‘fizzy bunnies’? The Drumsticks are amazing in flavour, but oh so sticky on a stick! They seem to make the mouth water in delight, with a dribble or two as you manoeuvre it around the mouth sucking it to death!

A huge plus is most of them are suitable for vegetarians; the only ones that seem to be a ‘no no’ are the drumsticks and double lollies. Maybe in time this will change, and be included on the list as suitable.

On the Spring Selection bag, they have lovely ideas for Easter Egg hunts. I particularly loved the idea of planting magic seeds in the garden and in the morning lollipops have ‘grown’ where they were planted. Or if you don’t have a garden leave a trail of sweets for the children to follow. Keep the tub and they can use it as they gather their treasure, plus the lid reseals tightly so they can store them for days to come.   Down side: it would have been nice to have a packet of rainbow drops included in the pack to execute this fantastic idea.

Overall, they are high quality sweets, with great flavours and have lasted the generations of time for they are loved.  The fruity pops come in three flavours, but my tub only had strawberry, would have loved an assortment. There were no ‘new’ flavours included liked Squashies and bonbons, which are catching on as they have the flavour but not the stickiness!

As it was an Easter theme tub and selection bag, I would have loved to see some egg and rabbit shaped chews, lollies and sweets. But, I really love Swizzels and the family have been chewing for days!

Rating: 5/5

For more information on the Swizzels range visit swizzels.com. Look out for the Easter Mix and Spring Selection bags and tubs in your local supermarkets.

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