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Chocolate Rabbit Family

Reviewed by Tricia Shaw

I have always been a fan of Sylvanian Families ever since I first discovered them as a child. My two children (son aged 6 and daughter aged 10) are just as enthralled and they have built quite a collection between them. The latest addition is the Chocolate Rabbit family which consists of the parents who are called Frasier and Teri and the two children who are called Coco and Freya. The set of 4 is presented in a clear fronted cardboard box and comes with a little story book called “A Family Treasure” all about the search for a birthday present for Dad.

The children were eager to introduce their new family to the rest of the characters in their Sylvania land and were delighted how quickly they were able to remove them from the packaging as they are held in place by a simple elastic band. They are all white rabbits with the tips of their ears brown as though they have been dipped in chocolate. Father and son are dressed in a checked shirt and trousers, the daughter is wearing a red dress with white spots and the mother has a dusty pink dress and apron. Just like all the Sylvanian characters they are velvety to touch and have moveable arms, legs and heads. For those that like to change the clothes these are easy to remove and are either elasticated or fastened with Velcro.

Toys which allow children to use their imagination are so important in today’s age of technology and these do just that. I love listening to my kids playing either alone or with each other as the mood takes them and they play with their Sylvanian’s for hours at a time.

If you enjoy this family there are so many other items and characters available in shops and online. Of course, there is also the opportunity to join the official Sylvanian Families club where each year you will receive a gift and four magazines filled with stories, competitions, craft ideas and other fun Sylvanian stuff.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £15.99

You can find out more about this family’s characters and purchase them from the official website here.


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