Sylvia and Terry Chocolates Review

Fine Kentish Chocolates


Reviewed by Emma Rogers

We all love artisan chocolate, or at least those of us who are lucky enough to have it on our doorstep. Sylvia and Terry Chocolates is a Kent based local firm, specialising in different types of confectionary and chocolates, including ‘posh candy bars’ which include some very similar ingredients to what you might find in commercial fun packs! They also have a wide range of macarons, fresh boxes of chocolates and truffles, all made on site in Kent with local butter and milk.

The company is headed by Sally, but the name of the company name comes from her late parents. The company make chocolates and macrons for events, including weddings and corporates. They also do a special line in local cobnut chocolates, using Kentish cobs of course, but we tried some of their posh candy bars. We weren’t disappointed!

I’ve already mentioned that some of the bars are very similar to High Street brands. First, we tried the Coconut Bar. Yes, this is like a chunky Bounty bar with masses of coconut covered in dark and milk chocolate. I think this was one of my favourites because of how dense the coconut and how thick the chocolate coating was. It certainly beat the commercial brand with the quality of the ingredients. We then tried the Kitchen Sink, which includes cranberries, pretzels, cherries and popcorn. This one isn’t like what you find on the High Street, but it is entertaining! I think I like this one because it is so unusual compared to the type of bars you usually find. The fact that it’s packed full of flavours means that one bar is usually enough for a snack, and the chocolate isn’t packed full of chemicals like other chocolates. We loved the Triathlon bar – a play on the Marathon/Snickers bar name, which has nougat and peanuts covered in milk chocolate. This would make a good snack to take to work as it’s chunky and filling but with the really good chocolate flavour and peanuts. The peanuts also come across as unprocessed, so like all of the chocolate bars, they feel homemade.  Finally, we had the Cobnut Fudge Bar, made with the Kentish Cobs! Again, it’s really good chocolate covering a base of fudge. The fudge isn’t overpowering and sweet, just subtle like the nougat flavour we are used to. It’s similar to the Triathlon bar, but the cob nuts add a little something different.

We didn’t have time to try all of the macarons, Turkish delight or tablets of chocolates, but I can’t wait to go to the shop and try some more!

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