Tech21 HTC One M8 Impact Tactical Case Review


Tech21HTCCaseHTC One M8
Impact Tactical Case

Reviewed by Laura Bown

Phones these days are very expensive. I always use a case to protect my phone, but rarely do I find one that lasts very long. I had high hopes for the Tech 21 Impact Tactical for my HTC One.

I chose the plain black mainly for the ease of it never looking dirty. It does also come in other colour ways including red, purple and clear. The case itself is a rubberised matte finish, which is nice and also give you extra grip when holding your phone. It looks good and does not add extra bulk. It is quite slim for a case, a lot slimmer than those I have used before. It fits perfectly, and is nicely tapered towards the screen. There are openings for easy access to all of the charging points and buttons.

On the Tech21 website it explains how the case uses D3O® which is ‘a smart, shock absorbing dilatant material which flows freely as a liquid in its raw state. Under the force of impact, the molecules lock together, allowing the material to absorb and dissipate damaging energy.’ The case does seem very sturdy, and I have dropped the phone once and it has received no damage. It seems to have more support around the rim of the case. The one point of weakness seems to be around the power button. There isn’t a lot of case protecting the phone in this area and as it is often used I fear this may be a point where the case breaks.

I was impressed with the case, although I do feel it is a little expensive at the £24.99.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £24.99

Available to buy from Tech21 here.

4 Star

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