Telestrations Review



Reviewed by David Savage

Now that we are in Autumn and fast approaching Winter it is an ideal time to stock up on board games for those cold, wintery nights indoors. I recently received Telestrations – the hilarious Chinese Whispers drawing game. So as it has been raining a lot here I got a few friends around to try it.

Telestrations is suitable for age 8+ and for 4-8 players.

Box contents:
8 erasable sketch books
8 Dry-wipe markers
9 clean-up cloths
1 dice
1 Timer
100 This Side & That Side cards
Instructions sheet

Game Setup
Setup is very easy. Decide between you what cards you will be using “This Side” or “That Side”. Each player then takes a sketch book, pen and one card. Write your name on the front of your sketch book. You are now ready to start playing.

Game Play
Once reading through the rules game play is simple enough, one player throws the dice. You then match the number thrown to the number on your card. Write the word from the card on the secret word page in your sketch book and go to page 1 in your sketch book. Flip the timer over and you have until this runs out to draw your word. Once you have drawn your picture flip to page 2 and pass the book to your left. The next person then has to look at your picture and then write their guess, turn to the next game and pass to the left where the next person has to draw the guess and so on until the first person gets their book back. As well as having your name written on the front of the book each book has a different colour coil holding it together so you know which is yours. The winner is the one with the most points which you can mark down on the score sheet I your sketch book. Each game is made up of 3 rounds with sketchers and guessers earning points for matching the secret word or guessing the sketch drawn.

It took a few readings of the rules to completely get the hang of it as depending on how many players you have the game is played differently and you can also score differently. However, once we had figured all this out the game is hilarious and is amazing how a simple drawing is seen differently by each individual person to ending up completely different from the original sketch. This creates great entertainment. The erasable sketch pads are a great idea, so no more looking around for paper and therefor no unnecessary waste. Because there is no game board you can take this anywhere and play it.  

Great fun, I would highly recommend it. With an RRP of £26.99 it is probably a little bit of the expensive side but is most definitely worth it. With over 1100 words it should never get boring because each drawing is different it will always be amusing. Excellent fun for all the family or as a party game and would make a fantastic Christmas present.

Rating: 4/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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