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TescoTesco American Bakery


Reviewed by Claire Turner

I finally managed to locate the new Tesco American Bakery items after trying 6 different Tesco stores within 18 miles of my house! But then it is a brand new line for the supermarket.

I bought the key lime pie cake, the strawberry donut cake and the chocolate donut cake. After all the searching I was very excited to taste them. They were all packaged well and you could clearly see what you were buying.

The Key Lime Pie cake smelt lovely when the box was opened, it would easily serve 6 as stated on the box. It tasted as you would imagine, but I found the cake to be dry and I would have preferred less lime on top and instead of lime in the middle with the butter cream. The marshmallow top was lovely and not too sweet.

The strawberry donut cake was not at all to my liking (or to my work colleagues) the icing was too sweet and sugary. I found this cake dry too but the strawberry jam through the middle helped, it did all fall apart though when you tried to eat it.

The chocolate donut cake was the tastiest of the 3 items I picked, the cake was moist and the fudge cream in the middle was delicious and the chocolate icing on top was perfect.

I personally wouldn’t recommend the key lime pie or the strawberry donut cake but I would definitely recommend the chocolate donut cake – very yummy!

For more information or to buy visit a Tesco store near you or visit www.tesco.com.

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