Tesco Free From Review


Reviewed by Tonya Louise Glennester

I was fortunate to be chosen to review Tesco’s Free From Range, after viewing the wide range of gluten free items in the frozen section I settled on purchasing the following Tesco Free From items:

8 Thick Pork Sausages
2 Ham Hock Cheddar Cheese Crisp Bakes
12 Party Selection Pack
12 Mini Sweet Party Selection


The 8 Thick Cut Sausages were very juicy and full of flavour, the guidelines suggest grilling or frying them however I have always preferred to oven cook my sausages. After cooking the outer skins browned nicely and the sausage meat inside stayed firm with good texture. Sausages are very versatile and can be used for a number of dishes, for this particular packet I used half chopped over some gluten free pasta (also from Tesco’s free from) in sauce, and the other half was used in a sausage casserole.

I would most definitely purchase the Tesco Free From 8 thick cut sausages again, they cooked well, they were reasonably priced, and they tasted great. Rating: 5/5


The Ham Hock Cheddar Cheese Crisp Bakes are so simple you just take them straight from the freezer and pop them on a baking tray in a pre-heated oven and 30-35 minutes later they are ready to be served. The outside is crisp just like it says in the name, inside there is a generous layer of ham hock with a cheesy sauce centre. They are quite filling we had ours as a nice lunch time meal with a generous salad on the side it was delicious although I think it would have been nice to have a little more cheese sauce in the centre. Rating: 4/5

The 12 Piece Party Selection contains 4 southern fried chicken goujons, 4 BBQ bean bites, and 4 mini Thai fishcakes. 12 pieces in a box isn’t really enough for a party selection, having many gluten free and wheat intolerant friends I would have to buy several boxes to have a party. However the contents of the box although small is no less yummy. This is the first time I have ever tried any gluten free southern fried chicken and I honestly wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference between normal southern fried and gluten free the taste is spot on. Cooking was simple just pop the required pieces on a baking tray and oven them for 15 minutes. The BBQ bean bites were crispy on the outside and moist in the centre the BBQ adding sweetness to the beans and sauce. The Thai fishcakes are by far the Pièce de résistance of this box there is just the right amount of lemongrass to add bite, a tiny bit of chili for heat and the fresh zestyness of lime all rolled into one fishy bite.  They are subtle enough for even a non-chili lover to eat as the chili is so subtle it doesn’t leave any after burn. As I mentioned earlier I don’t think the box is big enough for use at a party but it is great just to pick a few bits out to have as a lunch with a nice salad or homemade chips. I would definitely buy them again. Rating: 5/5


As with the savoury 12 piece selection I don’t think the 12 piece mini party selection is big enough for a party, but it is great for taking out a treat to eat. Let’s face it nothing beats having a little bit of cake now and then and in this box you get to choose between 4 different cakes – Chocolate & Hazelnut has large pieces of chopped hazelnuts throughout the cake. Almond sponge topped with flaked almonds. Coconut sponge topped with powdered coconut. Chocolate sponge.

You get 3 of each cake and the preparation is easy simply take out and defrost at room temperature for 1 hour before eating. These cakes are mini so each one offers a single decadent bite that melts on the tongue. Each cake has a firm slightly crisp texture on the outside but really moist on the inside with exception to the coconut cake this one is a bit more thicker/heavier in texture. They are great for taking a few out for a dessert, for an afternoon treat or even to take on picnics. I would definitely buy them again. Rating: 5/5

The great thing about all the products I have tried from the Tesco Free From Range is that none of them have that horrid cardboard taste that gluten free foods can often have. I am glad to say they are all cardboard free and very delicious.

I rate Tesco for their range and quality of own brand Free From products. The Tesco Free From range has foods free of Gluten and Wheat, Milk, Egg and Dairy.

Overall Rating: 5/5

The Free From Range is available to buy from Tesco stores nationwide or online at www.tesco.com.


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