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ArticulateA4FrameThe Articulate Gallery
A4 Single Frame

Reviewed by Carly Upton

Earlier this week I received my Articulate Gallery A4 Single Frame through the post. I have a young nephew who is just starting to spread his artistic wings. The frame will allow me to display his masterpieces with ease, in a smart new way.

The wooden frame is finished in a shiny white coating which allows the pictures to speak for themselves. It has a large slot at the top which allows an A4 picture to be put in or taken out without taking the frame from the wall, so that as new masterpieces are created they can be replaced and changed. It has 3 hanging holes on the back which make it very easy to hang the frame without fear of it falling down. I would however say that the spacing of the holes makes it a little more difficult to hang the frame horizontally if required*.

The space between the back of the frame and the border is wide enough to ensure that 3D pictures can be displayed, such as collages and pictures using larger details. Pictures produced on thinner paper may need a little blue tac at the top to stop them from bending and slipping down.

All in all this is a lovely way to display children’s artwork, and I will look forward to filling it with my nephew’s creations for a long time to come. As I work as a teaching assistant in a primary school I have suggested the range of frames to the head teacher as a way of displaying an ‘artist of the week’ he seemed to like the design too, so watch this space!

The frames are also available in A4 Double and Triple frames.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £17.99

*Directions for use: The Articulate Gallery hangs on a single fixing in the wall (screw or nail) so that it can be rotated quickly to hang portrait or landscape as you change the artwork in your exhibition. Simply slip one of the holes in the back of the frame over your chosen fixing and the job’s done.

Please be aware the frame is lighter on the open side and some holes are positioned off-centre to allow the frame to hang level.

As for framing the artwork, just slide in the A4 (or A3 if that’s the frame size you have) and there you have it. If you have pictures smaller than the desired size, why not mount them on a contrasting colour of A4/A3 paper or card.

Available to buy from The Articulate Gallery here.

4 half Star

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