The Good Retreat Guide 6th Edition Review


GoodRetreatGuideThe Good Retreat Guide
by Stafford Whitaker

Reviewed by Delphi Ellis

The Good Retreat Guide, now in its sixth edition, is a fantastic resource for anyone looking for some time away from the hustle and bustle of busy life.

With a comprehensive introduction which includes headings on “What is a retreat?” to “Spirituality and health” the book provides a useful guide of places to escape to by region, including Europe (UK, France, Italy and Spain) to Africa, Australia and Asia, with the aim of helping you bring yourself back to centre.

The listings within the book provide address, contact telephone numbers, email and website for each venue, along with details of courses, workshops, churches and temples to choose from. The book also provides information about the style of rooms, facilities, meals (including vegetarian food) and spiritual help available.

The guide highlights the “type” of spirituality each venue is aimed at, for example “non-religious”, “Eco-spirituality”, Quaker, Buddhist and Roman Catholic.

With over 500 pages to choose from you won’t be disappointed by the range of venues you can visit for some time out to recharge and renew your batteries.

A great value guide, well worth the £12.99 book price.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £12.99

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