The Lancashire Hotpots at The Lowry, Manchester Review


LancashireHotpotsThe Lancashire Hotpots
The Lowry, Manchester

11 July 2014

Reviewed by Michelle Wright

Celebrating the recent launch of their new album ‘Golden Crates’ the Lancashire Hotpots are currently in the middle of a UK tour and we were lucky enough to get tickets to see them. And I mean lucky… These tickets are like gold dust for their sell out shows and as such the huge following of the Lancashire Hotpots are storm supporters travelling to shows all over the country.

The foyer of The Lowry soon filled with obvious HP fans dressed in flat caps, Hotpot t-shirts and some even in their signature striping waistcoats. And I? Well I had heard one of their more well-known songs ‘chippie tea’ a few years ago and had been intrigued ever since!  – and how could I not be with lyrics such as:

“I’m starving
I’m fair klempt tha knows
I could eat a buttered brick”

This particular show was called their Summer Special – and the band appeared aptly dressed in flat caps, waistcoats and shorts. In a broad Lancashire accent the lead singer Bernard explained that in true Lancashire Hotpot style, the bar would stay open until after the first interval and people could come and go as they pleased to get a drink! This set the relaxed atmosphere of the rest of the shows it was like having your best friends doing a gig in your front room – no heirs and graces, just a really good laugh, dancing, fun, comedy and more beer! Add to this numerous cans of Carlsberg consumed by the band, which seemed a common theme throughout the show.

The show started and the crowd participated immediately, and stayed heavily involved all the way through with dancing in the isles, retorts in songs and occasional friendly heckling. The bands clever lyrics made us laugh, turning us very quickly into Lancashire Hotpot fans, with fabulous songs such as I fear Ikea and Poundland, and my particular favourite Cinema Smugglers.

The Quays Theatre within the Lowry was the perfect size for such a concert – big enough for an atmosphere but small enough for it feel intimate and for the audience to feel part of the show.

I would sum up the Lancashire Hotpots as Folk-comedy… A right good laugh!

If you ever get the chance to catch up with The Lancashire Hotpots on their tour, you really must go. Their next performance on the Summer Special tour is the opening of CarFest North at the beginning of August at Oulton Park near Timperley, but you can find more details on their website

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

For more information and tour dates visit

The Lowry, Pier 8, Salford Quays, Manchester, M50 3AZ | 0843 208 6000


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