The Meat Loaf Story at the Victoria Theatre Review


MeatloafStoryThe Meat Loaf Story
Victoria Theatre, Halifax

7 March 2014

Reviewed by Catherine Fletcher

I just got home from seeing Steve Steinman’s The Meat Loaf Story and it was excellent.

On arrival at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax we were given our tickets our seats were in the stalls very near to the front, so we had a great view of the stage. When the lights went down there was an impressive opening, where the curtain was pulled away to a dramatic beginning which revealed Steve Steinman and the band who burst straight into song. After singing about three or four songs, we then had Mat Watson doing solo guitar which was brilliant, this was followed by Steve, sitting on the edge of the stage singing to a lady in the front row, he sang Two Out of Three, which is one song I do know and love.

Next we had a bit of comedy with Steve and Victoria Jones who is one of the backing singers, they sang Do You Love Me, which was really funny and had the audience laughing. Then it was the pianist giving us a solo, it was brilliant, I didn’t think a piano could sound so great! Then Steve sang I Would Do Anything For Love with Victoria Jones which brought us up to the interval.

The second part opened with Steve asking the audience if they would like a bit of rock and roll, they all started shouting yes, and cheering, at that he started to sing Dead Ringer for Love which had the audience dancing, clapping, and singing along. Haley Russell, the other backing singer, then came on and sang It’s All Coming Back To Me, which was covered by Meat Loaf, but originally sang by Celion Dion. Steve then sang Things Look Different In The Mirror, it’s a song I’ve never heard before, they also played a video which related to the song, he continued to sing a few more songs, then he said the show must come to an end, they then left the stage to the audience cheering and shouting for more. The drummer came back onto the stage and did a solo, which was brilliant, the audience then continued to cheer and shout for more. Steve and the band came back onto the stage and started to sing the song that everybody had been waiting for, which was Bat Out Of Hell, it was performed brilliantly.

Overall the show was excellent, as was the staging, lighting, and backing singers who were superb, not only with their singing but dance routine’s as well.

I would definitely recommend this show to anyone whether they are Meat Loaf fans or not, as this is a must see show. Steve also announced that he does another show called Vampires Rock which I have still to see but if it as good as this one I will definitely enjoy it!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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