The Muscle Whisperer by Sophia Kupse Review


TheMuscleWhispererThe Muscle Whisperer
The Keys to Unlocking
Your Back Pain
By Sophia Kupse

Reviewed by Donna Richardson

This book is a self help guide explaining the breakthrough discovery, revealing the true reasons why neck, shoulder and back pain occur so commonly. Based on over 20 years research and using individual case studies, Sophia Kupse, known as the Muscle Whisperer and a Holistic Practitioner, looks at why back pain has become the silent epidemic of 21st century living. It helps the reader understand why they suffer from back pain and how they can easily apply proven steps, known as keys, that will help diminish or erase back pain for life.

The Muscle Whisperer was very easy to read and difficult terminology was well explained. Each chapter included case studies which were relevant to the particular topic being covered and each case study had pictures to further explain the theories. I enjoyed the case studies as these demonstrated how the authors ideas applied to people just like me.

The book is full of excellent tips on lifestyle, diet and exercise without becoming preachy or patronising. The ideas within are based in holistic therapies and as such readers must be open minded to the causes of their back pain.

I was expecting a book which explained my back pain and methods to relieve it and that is exactly what I received.

The book is a paperback book, with a good cover picture. It is well printed and has appropriate blurb and the back cover. It is a good quality book which is good value for money.

I will be using this book in the relief of my back pain. As someone who has tried many suggestions of pain relief including: analgesia, physiotherapy, weight loss, exercise, yoga, relaxation and acupuncture I welcome the new ideas that this book brings.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is suffering with back pain and is open to ideas regarding its relief.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7.99 | ISBN: 978-1492713142 | Format: Paperback

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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