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PerfumeStudioDYO1Design Your Own Fragrance
The Ultimate Collection

Reviewed by Jessica Jewson

So before I even go on to write this review if you are stuck with a gift idea, waste no time this is perfect. This product is going to save you looking for that perfect blend of perfume for that special person. Let’s face it if you’re going with perfume as a present unless you are re-buying the perfume they love where do you start? This is why you should really consider the Perfume Studio’s gift collections. The Perfume Studio collection has got the right idea, who doesn’t want a personalised unique blend of perfume. No one else will have it, it matches the scents you enjoy and when people complement you on it you get the satisfaction of saying thanks it’s my own blend! It’s also pre-boxed and wrapped so you don’t even need to worry about that if it’s a present for someone else. Take my word for it it’s the most luxurious gift item I have received and it’s made me feel so special , it’s also really empowering to know I have created the perfect perfume for me. This review is fairly lengthy as I have so many positive things to say about it so in case you don’t read on I 100% recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a special gift.

This amazing luxurious collection is by the perfume studio and is the most expensive of the four fragrance gift sets. Currently this product retails at £95.00 which is very reasonable when you see its quality and the vast quantity included. Not just that, you’re paying for an experience. This collection is versatile as you if you wanted to you can create two different perfumes which is even better value for money. Before you rule this type of product out due to its price the perfume studio has cheaper gift options if that doesn’t suit your price range. They equally look amazing and they haven’t scrimped on quality there is just less quantity. I would also say the cheaper options are something I am now considering when my supply runs out just as a treat for myself.

I was totally blown away when I received this item at how beautifully it was packaged, tissue paper with the logo printed all over in gold, even the tape had the logo printed on. I was surprised at how big the box was in comparison to the pictures on the website. Just over A4 size. If you’re anything like me you take great care in opening something so beautifully wrapped, after peeling off the tape and opening out the tissue paper  I was presented with a soft coloured  yellow box and more exquisite gold detailing. I was so excited to get inside; if they take so much care on packaging what must the product be like? When you get inside it just gets better! All of the contents where displayed in a pre-formed foam casing.

There were:

– 18 small glass bottles with sliver screw caps each labelled and placed perfectly so you could see what blend they were.

– I had 20 scent strips although it states 18 (more is always better). This also was useful as I created two different perfumes one for each atomiser and I sprayed the blends on the scent strips before spraying myself. Please note some of the scent strips didn’t fit inside the neck of the bottle so you had to swish them about a little.

– 1 clear glass 30ml perfume bottle with clear plastic cap

– 1 gold 20 ml perfume atomiser which was gorgeous it was topped with diamantes

– 18 plastic pipettes all marked with numbers for ease of use. I must say I found these hard to read and at first hard to use until I did a few then it was easy.

– Small instructions card. I felt that as the box was so big this could have been bigger and it would have been nice to include ideas of existing blends.

– Ingredients card. This is especially good if you have any allergies. You’re able to see what’s gone into your perfume. I have to be honest I didn’t look at this.


The process is really simple, I love the fact you are provided with simple instructions that are easy to follow. You are even given tips from Francois Robert the master perfumer, which just enhances the whole experience. I felt confident when creating my own blend as everything you need to know is provided. I personally found that knowing what fragrances where in each blend helped me make my mind up on which ones to put together. I had so much fun exploring the different blends and getting to know them and learn what I like. You basically dip a different scent strip in each blend and set aside the scents you like so you can choose which combinations work best. I forgot to set aside my favourite so I had to re-dip as the scent wasn’t strong enough by the time I had got through them all. This is defiantly a process to enjoy and make sure take your time with. I had a lot of fun doing it especially when I was trying to guess what made up each blend. It was funny watching my partners face when I asked him for a second opinion and there was a blend he didn’t like.

I think the idea of this product is its unique selling point and the reason why I think its genius. I have never heard of making your own blend of perfume at home. It’s such a fantastic idea. It’s the perfect gift, so thoughtful and it’s just pure indulgence in the comfort of your own home. I worried that it would be a difficult process and that I would do it wrong and waste it but I don’t think you can, my perfume is delicious. If you need more of a specific blend you can order more PLUS you can even save your personal blend ready to order next time!!! The perfume smells so delicious I have put the gold perfume bottle in my bag to take around with me as it dispenses the perfect amount and it’s lightweight. This would be the perfect activity to do with the girls and maybe even go on to book an experience. I am over the moon with this gift and so grateful that I got to review such an incredible product.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £95

Available to buy from The Perfume Studio here.


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