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PersonalBarberThe Personal Barber Box

Reviewed by Scott Briggs

This morning a box for The Personal Box dropped onto my doormat, delivered directly to me in a neat little box. Inside under black tissue and some curly wood shavings was a full shaving kit ready for me to delve, instructions in hand into the world of wet shaving!

The contents included a classic silver safety razor, 2 different brands of blades, a shaving brush, shaving foam, shave balm and a styptic pencil.

I heated up a hot flannel and began working my brush into the shaving foam which this month was by Men Rock and was scented with sandalwood which smelt great and lathered up brilliantly. The shaving brush given in the first set is a synthetic one as it’s easy to look after and soft to the face.

The safety razor is easy to place the blade in and has a small blade gap making for an easy shave. The instructions guide you through your shave and I had little problem achieving a smooth and close shave. There was no need to press against the skin, a light run over the face removed all stubble and the metal shaver feels great in your hand compared to disposables.

I had a couple of nicks under the chin and dabbed the styptic pencil on which I’d never used or heard of before and after a tiny wince from the initial tingle putting it on, the bleeding stopped almost instantaneously which is great to see! It’s a natural astringent and has antiseptic properties to sooth any small cuts. This will definitely be a staple to my wash bag from now on!

After my shave was finished, I applied the post-shave balm which was Men Rock again from the famous Jermyn Street in London. This pink cream was another soothing sandalwood product and although initially it felt a very thin consistency, it provided lots of hydration and left my face smooth and cooled and the fragrance lasted hours.

Each month the box is delivered with free postage and no commitment of a long contract. There are different products in each one from different shops and brands leaving you able to sit back and experience different balms, soaps, blades and foams with no need to source your own.

Shaving to me has become part of my morning this week and is an experience rather than a necessity and my bathroom has turned into a bit of a male grooming room! I look forwards to honing my skills and trying different products to perfect my shave which for £24.95 a month with reduced prices for more boxes, is a great treat!

The boxes are priced at £24.95 per box, £20.95 per box for a 3 month subscription (17% off), £19.95 for a 6 month subscription (20% off) or £17.95 for 12 months (28% off) and your shaver is guaranteed for life.

Definitely 5 out of 5 stars, there’s nothing else you need!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Prices start from £17.95 to £24.95 per month.

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