The Sooty Show at The Lowry, Manchester Review


SootyShowThe Sooty Show
The Lowry, Manchester

3 August 2014

Reviewed by Lisa Lambert

On Sunday 3 August we went to The Lowry Theatre in Salford Quays, Manchester to see The Sooty Show with Sooty, Sweep, Soo and Sooty’s TV partner Richard Cadell.

When e arrived at the theatre there was ample parking in the multi-storey car park which is facing the theatre they are also on the  metrolink route which is easily accessible from Manchester city centre were all major routes service from. They have parking deals for theatre goers and also if you purchase anything from with the shopping mall for over £5 parking is free for four hours and at a reduced rate beyond that.

The Lowry has shops and restaurants to suit all tastes and makes for a good day/evening out and not just to watch the show and go home.

We had to collect our tickets on arrival and the staff  where great they located the tickets quickly and gave us directions to the theatre. Throughout the theatre was staff in red t-shirts who were all really friendly and helpful ensuring you got to where you needed to be. The theatre and public areas are clean and tidy.

We were sat in the stalls on row H seats 14, 15, 16 we had a great view of the stage and there was plenty of leg room and the seats were comfortable.

Refreshments were available in the interval and as with any theatre they were not cheap. We had 3 ice creams and bottle of coke and the cost was £9.80 but that is what you would expect to pay in any theatre you can however take your own sweets and drinks in for the kids if that’s better for you.

The show was based on Sooty’s birthday party. It was lively and very interactive. Richard kept the audience entertained all the way through the show. He had a great stage presence and the humour was great for both adults and kids. Sweep and Soo are also key features  in the show.

The show was in two parts 45 minutes each with a 15 minute interval and if reading this you would think this is a long time for small children but the kids really did enjoy it and were kept entertained start to finish.

The show was very interactive and you had to get up and dance and join in with the party games. There are two points in the show were they invite some kids onto the stage to join in baking the birthday cake and also party dances (key is to be sat in the first five rows of the stalls area to get picked) to join in baking the birthday cake and also party dances). Sooty also get his water pistol out and the front row of the stalls get absolutely soaked and you think glad I am not sat there when Richard gets his super soaker out and runs round the theatre so everyone gets a little splash of water but the kids all seemed to love this.

My son is 6 and daughter is 9 and my son was glued to the stage all the way through the show and loved every second of it, my daughter enjoyed it and found parts funny and joined in some parts but overall she had a good time.

After the show Sooty and Richard are in the foyer to do a meet and greet and have your picture taken with them. This is free of charge you just use you own camera so don’t forget to take it with you my son thought this was brill meeting Sooty.

They also sell merchandise for the Sooty show prices were what you would expect:

DVD £8, Programme £3, Puppet £12, Izzy Wizzy Wand £5

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

The Sooty Show is currently touring the UK until March 2015. For more information and tour dates visit

The Lowry, Pier 8, Salford Quays, Manchester, M50 3AZ | 0843 208 6000


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