The Sooty Show Live at the St George’s Hall Bradford Review


SootyShowThe Sooty Show Live
St George’s Hall, Bradford

20 February 2015

Reviewed by Sarah Woodhead

My 2 wee scamps (age 3) were giddy with excitement with the chance to see Sooty and Co live on stage at St George’s Hall in Bradford.

The staff at St George’s were very professional and polite and helpful from the phone call to arrange tickets to the leaving after the show. Trying to get into the loo with a pair of toddlers was rather difficult to say the least and I was disappointed by the charges of the refreshment £2 for ice lollies (I’m sure it’s standard price but expensive none the less).

We were seated in the stalls and the view with parents in front was rather restrictive for the wee ones it was fortunate that nobody took the end too seats and we could move towards the aisle to attempt to see over a child.

Richard Cadell has kept the Sooty creator Harry Corbett’s dream well and truly alive since taking over from Corbett’s son Matthew in 1998. We were highly entertained by Sooty, Sweep and Soo and their antics along with knocks on the door from my pairs favourite Ramsbottom (the snake) and Butch (the dog). The sweaty socks joke doesn’t half tickle my pair.

To set the scene, the story goes that we are preparing to celebrate Sooty’s 5th birthday amidst concern Richard’s boss Mr Slater may turn up. Entertained with the usual mishaps and mischief from Sooty, Sweep and Soo with her inability to decide what to wear will the party go ahead…

Izzy whizzy let’s get busy with a bit of sooty magic, of course it will.

Relying on the willing participation or adoring kids and parents alike, water pistols, cream pies and old skits that never fail to have the kids in stitches the show kept even the shortest of attention spans hooked and Cadell still managed to yet keeping it up to date with Sweep steeling his limelight with a musical medley there is plenty to keep us on our toes.

With bits for the adults, well-acted “accidents” and the fact that Richard Cadell understands how to entertain all ages even with the main focus been the kids it was a fun packed show and his love and dedication and enjoyment of the job shone through.

The energy of Cadell is wonderful and it’s lovely to see that Sooty and Co still have the ability to entertain all generations even those who have not been watching the CITV show. The party continues after the show with a photo opportunity with Sooty and Richard to which my excited chatty toddlers suddenly became tongue tied and quite.

We look forward to next time thanks for the memories.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

The Sooty Show Live is currently touring the UK, for more information, tour dates and venue visit

St George’s Hall. Bridge St, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 1JT |  01274 432000


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