The Everything Lucid Dreaming Book by Michael R Hathaway DCH Review


Reviewed by Dee Ellis

The Everything Lucid Dreaming Book: Use your Dreams to Solve Problems, Improve Creativity and Understand Yourself by Michael R Hathaway DCH is a larger than normal book, with flexible glossy cover and pleasant picture of the night sky. The book is separated into 21 chapters and includes a CD.

The book is carefully laid out in an order which leads the reader deeper into the topic as the book progresses, interspersed with e!alerts, e!essentials, e!questions and e!facts which enlighten the reader and break up the chapters into easily digestible, bite sized chunks.

Throughout the book Hathaway offers various techniques to enter Lucid Dreaming, observing and taking part in the dream itself. He also explains the benefits, as he sees them, of using Lucid Dreams for the dreamer to develop skills, athletic ability, solve problems and improve creativity as well as considering some of the dangers.

Hathaway approaches the phenomenon of out-of-body and near-death experiences and how this relates to the topic and how he believes Lucid Dreams can be used to resolve nightmares.

The accompanying CD is sealed in an envelope at the back of the book, and appears to be a collection of “meditations” by a softly spoken American gentleman (assumed to be the author) which may be considered “prayers” (on one occasion he relates a story from Hebrew scripture). I personally found this a little confusing but appear to be intended as exercises to help you relax (and therefore encourage Lucid Dreaming).

Overall this is an interesting, easy-to-read book which explores a fascinating topic about which the author is clearly passionate.

Rating: 4/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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