The Lancashire Hotpots Achtung Gravy Review


The Lancashire Hotpots
Achtung Gravy

Reviewed by Brian Grehan

Britains number 1 comedy folk band The Lancashire Hotpots release their U2 inspired 5th studio album "Achtung Gravy". With clever lyrics and a typical Northwest sense of humour this CD made me smile and laugh out loud! They remind me of early Chumbawamba crossed with The Macc Lads crossed with Half Man Half Biscuit.

The Hotpots are so politically incorrect its hilarious especially on tracks like "OCD", "Mek Us a Brew" and "Lucy Meacock". And I wont even mention the extremely funny song regarding a unique hobby that will have adult listeners falling about laughing!

At just under 40 minutes there are no epics on the CD. All songs are short catchy numbers with a pithy talent for writing biting lyrics. "Mek Us a Brew" has a go at these new trendy coffee drinkers and I totally agree with the songs message. When I was growing up your choices were instant coffee or tea bags. None of your mochas none of your lattes just straight forward coffee or tea!

The Lancashire Hotpots may not appeal to everyone but theycertainly strike a chord with this reviewer. I would recommend this CD to anyone who likes a good laugh!

Rating: 4/5

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