The Little Match Girl


The Little Matchgirl (U)

Twiggy and Roger Daltrey star in the
Hans Christian Andresen Christmas Classic

Network DVD will release the Christmas classic LITTLE MATCH GIRL (U), on 7th November 2011, RRP £7.99. This Emmy-nominated musical adaptation stars British style icon Twiggy, rock legend Roger Daltrey, Paul Daneman, Jimmy Jewel and Stratford Johns.  Adapted from Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale this festive treat features the immortal hit Mistletoe and Wine.

Christmas brings little joy to the poor of Victorian London. Cold and hungry, with no gifts to exchange, they cannot afford to stop working, even on Christmas Day. Life is like that for the Little Matchgirl. She roams the streets selling matches for a penny a bundle, and those pennies have to support her and her ragged father. They have known better times; but her mother, a singer in the music halls, died when the Matchgirl was very young, and life has been harsh ever since.

Then one day, she strikes one of her matches to keep warm and discovers in the flame a magic world- a world where she can go anywhere, and anything is possible, even fall in love…

LITTLE MATCHGIRL (U) is available from Network DVD
Release Date:
       7th November 2011
RRP:                         £7.99
Discs:                      1
Running Time:       81 minutes (approximately)
Screen Ratio:        1.33:1/colour
Cat. No.:                  7953598

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