The Old Mill Berkhamsted Review


The Old Mill

Reviewed by Dorothy White

The Old Mill, Berkhamsted has been carefully restored, with as many as possible of the original Georgian and Victorian features being kept.

It is situated on London Road, at the edge of Berkhamsted, right beside the Grand Union Canal, which makes it an ideal place to watch the boats pass by, and listen to the water from the mill crashing over the weir.

Our booking was only made the day before, so as the restaurant was fully booked we were shown to a table in the bar.  We couldn’t see the canal from where we were placed as we were facing London Road.

Our diet colas were brought very quickly as we considered the varied menu.  A ‘Specials’ board appeared ~ once I saw ‘Turkey with all the Trimmings’ I had made my mind up!  My daughter decided on Rump Cap Steak which was served with Bearnaise sauce, watercress and chips.  We decided not to have a starter.

Just as we began to wonder when our food would arrive, a waiter brought some warm pitta bread pieces and a spicy spread to ‘nibble on’ and a bottle of water served at room temperature.

Our meal arrived.  Mine consisted of 4 fluffy roast potatoes, a generous portion of cranberry sauce and a tower made up of a burger shaped piece of turkey, 4 tiny chipolata sausages topped with a piece of crispy bacon, surrounded by a portion of gravy.  A separate portion of gravy was brought in a small jug. The waiter then brought me a bowl of buttered cabbage and leeks.  My daughter’s steak and chips looked plain by comparison.

My turkey was delicious, but something was missing ~ stuffing, there was no stuffing!  Then as I continued to eat the texture of the turkey changed ~ a fairly dry bread and herb mixture was in the centre of the turkey. 

I enjoyed my meal, but felt I would have preferred it if the turkey had been served as slices in a more conventional way, with my favourite sage and onion stuffing on the side.

My daughter didn’t like the Bearnaise sauce which had been served with her steak, so the waitress brought a jug of peppercorn sauce which we hadn’t seen on the menu.  The steak was tasty but she wasn’t keen on the chips as they had been made from unpeeled potatoes.

We decided not to have a dessert or coffee.

The food was very good and very well presented, but personally I prefer the more traditional way of serving it.  The restaurant is very popular and was packed the lunch time we were there.

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