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TribalDogTreatsTribal Daily Dog Treats
Liver and Lavender

Reviewed by Sarah-Kate Cantlie

Tribal dog treats are a complimentary food for dogs, which come in an attractive and resealable, stay fresh package, the plastic is robust, which is useful if your dog is cheeky enough to try and eat the whole bagful once your back is turned. These treats are natural and gluten free, so should suit even the most sensitive canine critters. When the bag arrived home, Harry our toy schnauzer gave it a good sniff and wag of approval. Harry is a more mature dog, who has become particular about his food over the years; however the first biscuit was demolished with glee and begging subsequently followed. Harry, despite his years and reluctance, also did a few training tricks in his attempt to convince me to give him extra biscuits. So from Harry and me, this gets the big thumbs up.

Currently I am fortunate to assist in the running of the local village pub, so following the success with Harry, I took along my bag of tribal treats early evening to share with the local community. The bag of treats went down a storm and not one canine failed the crumb test, the floor was as sparkly clean post biscuit time as before. The lavender aroma is associated with a calming effect and this seemed to be the case, as post a couple of treats there was a significant amount of lounging around the fire. Given the all round popularity of the treats, I would definitely recommend this product.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £2.99 (130g bag)

Available to buy from Tribal Pet Foods here.


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