TUMTUM Trainee Egg Set Review


TUMTUM Trainee Egg Set


Reviewed by Amanda Whittam

Attractive packaging which looks easy to recycle, easy to open, bright and interesting. Upon opening, there is no waste packaging and it is very easy to access the product. The product detail and pictures on the packaging are informative. The packaging is designed to be coloured in and re-used by children as a fun play case which I wouldn't have realised if I hadn't read the information closely on the front. My 3 year old girls would enjoy this.

The egg set is sturdy, bright and appealing. It serves the purpose as an egg trainer, but it may be useful to have another raised area to put the egg shell in so that it doesn't get mixed up with the soldiers. The non-slip base was a great idea and did make the meal much easier for my daughter.

The product is dishwasher proof which is clearly stated on the packaging and makes it very easy to clean.

Overall, the TUMTUM Trainee Egg Set is a very novel idea which my children enjoyed using. I would recommend it to friends and will probably buy another one as I have twins and they both loved it! I would also consider buying it as a gift.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12.00

Available to buy from TUMTUM here.

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