Twinings Tea Review


Twinings Tea

Reviewed by Brain Grehan

My mother always says "You can't beat a good cup of tea" and with Twinings Tea you certainly get a GREAT cup of tea! Twinings Teas set the standard for all tea makers to match!

The blend of tea leaves that Twinings use combine beautifully to make an outstanding cup of tea. I enjoyed it so much I immediately wanted another cup. As soon as the hot water drenches the leaves the aroma of the tea is captivating.

As a long time tea drinker I am extremely choosy about what tea I drink and I can safely say you would have to a long way to beat Twinings Tea. The blend of Chinese African and Indonesian tea leaves sets the benchmark for tea brewing that leaves the other tea makers standing.

I definitely recommend Twinings Tea as the supreme tea maker!

Rating: 5/5

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