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Family Theme Park

Reviewed by Natasha Kolb

I didn't know quite what to expect when visiting Twinlakes, there seemed to be so much there that I wasn't sure whether it was a theme park,  farm or country park… well, it's a little bit of each of those meaning that there's literally something for everyone!

Prior to our visit I looked on the Twinlakes website and I'm glad I did as I discovered their recent addition of Susanoo Splash Play found within the Au Gang Dragon Zone wet and wild area!

From watching the video showing the water park in full use, I knew my children aged 8 and 6 would adore it and therefore deliberately planned to visit on a warm sunny day!

Situated in the town of Melton Mowbray, we knew from our good old Sat Nav that the park was only 48 minutes from our house. However on the day it took us well over an hour simply due to the congestion getting through Melton Mowbray so be sure to allow extra time into your journey!

On arrival it was clear that the park was very busy, we'd expected this having chosen August bank holiday weekend! However we parked easily guided by the marshals plus there was only a very short queue to collect our tickets and this was made enjoyable by the appearance of one of the Twinlakes mascots welcoming everyone! We were told that the park would be open until 6pm to make up for the levels of visitors and subsequent queues however when we made it into the main park, it really didn't seem packed at all! The park has so much to offer that it wasn't particularly crowded in any of the areas and queues for even the bigger rides were less than 10 minutes long and some of them had no queues at all!

As well as rides, Twinlakes boasts a farm and reptile house, the highlight for my children being the Caiman Crocodile! A lovely animal house is home to chicks, marmosets and my personal favourite, meerkats! These three areas made a delightful change to a standard theme park and encouraged a more relaxed environment where we could simply stroll around. Twinlakes seem to go at a more gentle pace than you would expect and I found the day so much more relaxing than I would have thought!

On the day we visited, the sun was shining and there was no chance if rain, however I really don't think it would have mattered if it had. Twinlakes is very much set up for all weathers, many of the areas and even some of the individual rides are undercover. Twinlakes is still very much worth a visit on a rainy day. Buccaneer land was different to anything I've seen before, a large indoor area boasting at least 4 rides including the Davy Jones Barrel ride that the whole family enjoyed as well as a cafe and many other attractions. You could easily fill a half day in this one area and would be a great place for parents with young children to meet up during the week. My son is 8 and he still very much enjoyed Buccaneer land, it has more of a fairground or arcade atmosphere which appealed to him!

We took a picnic lunch with us and despite the park being so busy, we had no trouble finding a table. Again the park showed how well set up for a rainy day it is with the provision of a covered picnic area as well. Where we sat at was in the middle of two play areas and our children enjoyed being able to run off and play as soon as they had eaten!

We found it a little tricky to navigate our way to particular areas but this wasn't  an issue as we happily wondered around until we found our way! Twinlakes has the usual provision of cafes and drinks/ice cream stands where I was impressed with the reasonable price. We treated ourselves to an ice cream each whilst wondering out to the fields to see the horses, donkeys and goats. We particularly enjoyed going under the goats bridge complete with the 'no trip trapping' signs!

We finished off our lovely day with the much anticipated visit to the splash park. We again were able to find chairs for us to sit and attempt to stay dry whilst our two quickly changed into swim suits and ran off to try and one of the shoots!  This area is to be supervised by parents at all time but was also well managed by staff who kept a close eye to ensure children were playing safely. We were able to relax whilst watching our children have such a wonderful time with the nice touch of staff walking around the tables selling refreshments saving the need to queue!

Prices on the gate for the current summer tickets are £16.25 for adults and children over 108cm's, £9.95 for senior citizens and £8.48 for toddlers measuring 95-108cm. However I would strongly advise booking through the Twinlakes website prior to your visit as you can save 15% on ticket prices. We felt that these were good prices compared to what some attractions charge and a full day out can easily be spent at Twinlakes!

This gets 5 out of 5 for us for being a little bit different and having something to offer everyone whatever the weather!!

Rating: 5/5

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