u-can Render Repair Mortar Review


Reviewed by Michael Linney

This product is packaged in a black tub, similar in size to some paint tubs from large DIY outlets, with clear product description on the outside in red text. The lid is secured by a lift to break seal on the side. This permits the user to open the product by curling the flexible lip back upon itself to peel the lid away. A clearly printed thin poly cover protects the pre-mixed mortar. It instructs the user to retain this poly ‘disc’ to retain the products freshness if the entire contents are not utilised in one go. It has a shelf life of approx 3 months if stored in the specified conditions.

We recently had a lot of roofing work done, with scaffolding covering the rear of our home. Some of the brickwork mortar had been removed to permit anchoring of the structure to the house.

The provided instructions are clear and detailed, but small in text size and covering approximately 25% of the exterior of the products packaging. As stated in the instructions, I cleaned the brickwork using a dust pan brush (don’t tell my wife!) and removed as much of the loose original mortar debris as I could from the holes made by the scaffolders. Although not requested to, I did stir the product, mainly due to seeing the sand and cement elements hadn’t been completely thoroughly mixed. As instructed, I hooked the bucket over the top of my ladder and as instructed, used my pointing trowel to add small quantities to the holes, gently pushing the mixture in until flush with the surrounding mortar. I finished by smoothing the product over the original with the trowel handle – crude I know, but it works perfectly.

The product sticks well first time- perhaps a little watery at first, but given a little ‘air time’, it soon thickened. It’s so easy to use, it almost looked as though a pro had done the job. The only negative, was that this mortar mix was much darker (greyer) in colour than the original from 1950, but I am quite sure the UV rays will have that sorted in a few months time.

The poly membrane was returned to the tub having only used at most 1kg of the 5kg provided. Once I overcome my fear of heights, I will venture to the roof ridge line to repair the compo on the ridge line hip tiles on our bay window. Perhaps ‘u-can’ produce a well-mixed whiskey for this too?

Some clear (and obvious) restrictions are that it can only be used on dry and debris free surfaces. I would take caution at their instruction point 12 – ‘Put your right arm over your left shoulder and give yourself a well-earned pat on the back’ – especially if you are still up the ladder!

Overall a really easy product to use. It is so much easier than mixing it yourself – just a pity about the colour matching etc…

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £8.34 (5kg)

For more information visit www.u-can.tv.

Available to buy from B&Q stores nationwide or online here.

4 Star

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