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Concrete Floor Patch Fill


Reviewed by Michael Linney

This product is packaged in a black tub, similar in size to some paint tubs from large DIY outlets, with clear product description on the outside in light blue text. The lid is secured by a lift to break seal on the side. This permits the user to open the product by curling the flexible lip back upon itself to peel the lid away. A clearly printed thin poly cover protects the pre-mixed concrete. It instructs the user to retain this poly ‘disc’ to retain the products freshness if the entire contents are not utilised in one go.

Our garage roof drain has recently suffered frost damage during the last winter, leaving the concrete around the grate broken and crumbly.

The provided instructions are clear and detailed, but small in text size and covering approximately 25% of the exterior of the products packaging.

I cleared away the loose debris as instructed, and with my small pointing trowel, began to add small quantities to the dry drain surround – or what was left of it.

The product has reasonable initial bite. This was improved by gently tamping the product down, building small layers at a time – in-effect knitting the layers to form a more solid and robust finish. It is very smooth in texture, much like a paste and is not overly wet, but I would recommend a good stir of the product before initial use.

The poly membrane was returned to the tub having only used 50% of the it on this damaged area. I will use the remainder to finish off some paving that needs levelling in the near future when the weather improves.

Some clear (and obvious) restrictions are that it can only be used on dry and debris free surfaces. I must confess to finding that the broken 1950’s concrete I was laying onto, had a very coarse surface, which probably assisted in this product adhering more robustly than I would have originally thought possible. In the past I would have prepped the surface being repaired with a PVA wash (50/50 water/PVA), but this has so far stuck well.

The repaired area must be covered whilst it dries to ensure it is fully protected from the elements – like my situation this may not always be so practicable – especially given Britain’s Autumnal weather! I found a strong sheet of cardboard with a slight ballast of sand helped to keep the product free of rain fall and overuse from the drain.

Time will tell as to how good it will be in 5 years time…

Overall a great quick and easy product to use, in a not so easy to read package – but does exactly what it says on the tub.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £7.62 (5kg)

For more information visit www.u-can.tv.

Available to buy from B&Q stores nationwide or online here.

4 Star

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