VapersWAREHOUSE Brit One Mini Kit Review


Reviewed by Paul Magnan

I have been a smoker for many years and I am currently trying to give up my dependency on cigarettes. Not only is it bad for my health it is a very expensive habit. When the opportunity came along to review a Vaper’s Starter Kit from VapersWAREHOUSE, I jumped at the chance of reviewing a Brit One Mini Kit so I could re-start on the road to giving up smoking for good.

The kit arrived quickly and well packaged. It included the following items:

1x Misub Battery
1x Brit Mini Flavour Tank
1x Dual Core
1x Replacement Glass Tube
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual
1x Spare Parts

There were also 4 x liquids in the package:

2x WixMix The Sherlock
1x T Juice Eastern Blend
1x T Juice Gold ‘N’ Brown

I had been previously using a leaky VAP mod that really did not help me to give up or cut down on my smoking.

This starter kit is wonderful. I have managed to massively cut down how many cigarettes I smoke. I use this approximately 4-6 times a day and the battery has tended to last me around a week. The 1600mAh battery itself takes 3-4 hours to charge. It looks great and takes up very little space. It has not leaked at all. Friends have commented on how nice and compact the device is.

It is very easy to use at the touch of a button. It creates lots of vapour, which is adjustable (so you can had a small vapour cloud or a large one, depending on how you like it).

I have been using the device a few weeks now and I recently managed to go 3 days without having a cigarette. I am confident that I can stay cut down and perhaps even quit actual cigarettes entirely.

I tried the Eastern Blend first, which is the strongest strength of 12mg. Next, I tried the Gold ‘N’ Brown which is 6mg. I then tried the Wizz Mix 6mg, which I am using at the moment. But my favourite out of the three is the Gold ‘N’ Brown. I look forward to trying out more liquid flavours. I look forward to trying out more liquid flavours.

This is a great little starter kit for people wanting to give up smoking, or who want to change from cigarettes to vaping. It is extremely easy to use. The button is also the battery indictor and when flashing 15 times means it is time to charge. It is very easy to top up the liquid to the tank by unscrewing the top. It also features short-circuit and over-heating protection.

A great little device that I would recommend. While I haven’t yet kicked the habit, this is helping and hopefully I will be able to give up cigarettes for good.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £25

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