Vax Air Mini Review


Reviewed by David Savage

I recently received an Air Mini vacuum cleaner from Vax for review.  This is a very small vacuum cleaner so to be honest I didn’t think it would be any different from my normal vacuum cleaner – I was very wrong.

On opening the box I found the Air Mini with its bright and colouring orange fittings. It came with various pieces and accessories – Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Tool Storage Clip, Hose, Telescopic Extension Tube, Combination Floor Head and Upholstery Tool.

After removing from the box I attached the hose and then the extension tube making it about 3 long. I fitted the floor head (for carpets and hard floors) and I was ready to go. The Air Mini is a small and lightweight vacuum cleaner weighing in at 4.9kg (about 5.5kg with attachments), this makes is very easy to use and manoeuvre and easy to carry.

As I had already vacuumed 2 days before I didn’t expect it to pick up much but after trying on half the room I was very surprised and shocked at how much dirt it had removed from the carpet (my normal vacuum, which I thought was great, would pick up the same amount for the whole room). It really does deep clean the carpet with its 280 air watts multi-cyclonic cylinder. It also has a filter inside, that can be removed and cleaned, that reduces allergens, pollens and dust particles.

The multi-cyclonic cylinder separates dirt from the air giving you consistent suction so should always remain powerful and picking up the same amount of dirt as long as you clean the filter after every use. With its 2.0 litre capacity you will be able to vacuum longer without having to stop and empty.

After finishing vacuuming the room empting the dirt out is very simple, just unclip hold the cylinder hold it over the bin and press the button. The bottom of the cylinder opens dropping the contents into your bin and the amount that comes out is amazing.

Overall, this is an amazing vacuum cleaner. Small, lightweight and easy to use. I live alone with no children or pets and was amazed at how much dirt it had sucked up from the carpet even though I had vacuumed 2 days before with my normal vacuum! Perfect for all around the house and with the attachments great for sofas and curtains too!

With a 6 year guarantee and an RRP of £149.99 this is definitely value for money and I highly recommend it.

Rating: 5/5

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