Vinyl Impression Wall Decal Life is Beautiful Review


VILifeIsBeautifulVinyl Impression Wall Decal
Life is Beautiful

Reviewed by Louise Best

This decal from Vinyl Impression is fantastic! I simply love products which are different, give a vintage feel and stand out. This decal fits my home perfectly in every way. The product came in good solid packaging to avoid damage; complete with simple instructions on how to add it to your wall.

Whilst the decal is a reasonable size there was no difficulty in putting it up on the wall. It adds something special and unique to our décor. We will definitely look to purchase more in the future.

I feel that the price of £23.99 for this product is extremely reasonable and I would recommend Vinyl Impression to all of my friends and family.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £23.99

Available to buy from Vinyl Impression here.


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