Vinyl Impression Wall Stickers Hand Drawn Flower Pack 2 Review


VIFlowerPack2Vinyl Impression Wall Stickers
Hand Drawn Flower Pack 2

Reviewed by Debbie and Amy (3)

I was so excited to review these wall stickers as I have had my eye on something similar for ages. I wanted to put these up in our living room but my husband didn’t like them so that idea was binned. Undeterred I decided to put them up in my daughter Amy’s room.  I am not a DIY person by any stretch of the imagination so I was hoping my handy husband would oblige. I hadn’t realised that he really disliked them and this extended to putting them up!

Not to be thwarted in my plans I decided I could do this myself. I am 42 years old and fairly intelligent, how hard could this be?

Amy and I opened the sturdy tube and took out the beautifully packaged stickers, wrapped in pink tissue paper, which was a winner with Amy straight away. There was a lovely note from Vinyl Impressions for reviewers telling me I was awesome. I took this as a sign that I definitely could do this myself. I unrolled the stickers – note to self, for future and anyone else buying remember to measure your walls. The stickers were on 2 very long sheets and much bigger than I had anticipated.  I should point out here measurements not my strong point. I must have looked a bit scared as Amy came and said let’s get going Mummy.

There is an instruction sheet included which is fairly detailed but I didn’t think they were very good for this particular pack of stickers. The stickers they show you are in one whole piece. The stickers we had were individual. Feeling slightly daunted but undeterred I went to the website where there is a video – thank goodness I thought but then this video also shows a whole sheet going up not the individual ones. It really didn’t help me much. Perhaps Vinyl Impressions could do two sets of instructions and videos for muppets like me. After ten minutes pondering I decided to cut out all the flowers making the job more manageable. Then there was the placement issue I was worried I might put something the wrong way round so I think perhaps a sheet with a picture of the finished article would be helpful? I ended up just checking the website to see how they had placed the stickers then amending slightly to suit my wall.

We started with the smallest sticker and in the video the guy had some sort of smoothing tool which perhaps the company could look at including. We ended up using a pizza stone cleaner which to be fair did to the job. The stickers are fiddly don’t get me wrong. Give yourself plenty of time and space to work. Remember to smooth, smooth and then smooth again to make sure the stickers come off cleanly and go super slow when peeling off the backing paper. I had a few sweary words and ripped a couple of bits of the flower but I managed to hide this. It eventually took me about 3 hours to do but this did include a few snack breaks as 3 year olds get bored easily.


In conclusion I am so pleased with the results I can’t tell you. I am so proud that Amy and I managed to do this together and we keep going into the room to see them. They make us smile! They look amazing. To top it all off my husband came home and said they looked not too bad which translated means fantastic!!

We would rate them 5 out of 5, they were hard work but totally worth the effort.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £30

Available to buy from Vinyl Impression here.


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