Wallace and Gromit Fleeced Board Game Review




Reviewed by David Savage

Fleeced! is a sheep rustling game with Wallace & Gromit for 2 to 6 players age 8 years +. Worried sheep are hiding all over town and you have to find them and herd them back home.

Box contents:
1 Game Board, 6 Sheep Whistles, 6 Character Pieces, 1 Sheep Dip Bag, 40 Sheep Pieces, 50 Cheese Cards, 7 Sheep Hideout Cards, 1 Fleeced Rules Sheet

Game Setup
Setup is easy. Place the board in the centre of the table (or on the floor, your choice). Shuffle the Sheep Hideout Cards and place them back in the envelope provided and put them to one side. Place one white sheep on each of the 7 hideouts on the board around the Village Green in the centre of the board (Cinema, Post Office, Town Hall, Museum, Pub, Church and Fish & Chip shop) and leave the rest of the sheep in the Sheep Dip bag. Shuffle the Cheese cards and give 3 to each player placing the rest of the deck face down on the Cheese Cards spot on the board between Wallace’s Cheese Shop and Wendolene’s Wools. Players can look at their cards and replace any Hard Cheese card with a new card from the deck (put the Hard Cheese card back somewhere in the deck). Each player then chooses a character and puts it on their starting position: Wallace (Wallace’s Cheese Shop), Gromit (68 West Wallaby Street), Wendolene (Wendolene’s Wools), Shaun the Sheep (Shaun’s Field), Preston (Preston’s Dog Food Factory) or Feathers McGraw (Feather’s Glue Factory). Give each player a sheep whistle and then roll the dice. The player with the highest score in the player that starts first. You are now ready to start playing.

Game Play
After setting up the board and determining who goes first roll one dice and move your character in any direction (you cannot double back on yourself). If you throw a 6 you can move and then throw again but if you get a 6 three times in a row you are sent to the Police Station. Once you have started and started getting sheep before you throw the dice on your turn you need to blow the sheep whistle otherwise the sheep will not follow you and they are returned to the Village Green (if you blow your whistle when it is not your turn you lose a sheep and return it to the Village Green). If you land on a square that has a picture of cheese on it you draw a Cheese Card from the deck, if you get a Hard Cheese card you must play in straight away and any other card has to added to your cards to play later (you cannot hold more than five cards). Cheese cards are great, they help you find sheep quicker and protect your flock but Hard Cheese cards cause you trouble.

While you go around collecting sheep you can also lose them with Hard Cheese cards, getting nicked or having them rustled by other players. Sometimes it may be in your advantage to abandon your sheep in order to rustle another players flock just simply announce before or immediately after you turn that you wish to do so and return them to the Village Green. Once all the sheep have been lead home by the players the winner is the one with most points. Each sheep that you get home has a number underneath, add up the numbers and the one with most is the winner.

While it took a few readings of the rules (before and during play) once figured out Fleeced is a great, fun and entertaining board game. I played the game with 2 of my niece’s, aged 11 and 13, and we all enjoyed it. With 6 players being able to play it is a great family game and an ideal past time for the cold winter nights.

With an RRP of £29.99 it is value for money as it has lots of playing pieces, is good quality and the entertainment value is excellent.

Rating: 4/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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