Weightloss & Fitness Diary – 20th January 2015


Today I am lacking the energy to do anything, feel really flat.  Nothing to do with my healthy eating plan, just not feeling positive at all today.  The joys of mental illness I guess.   I have been sticking to my Slimming World plan though despite how I am feeling, so that’s massive progress for me.   One of the big downsides of having anxiety is doubting myself.  I have been doing so well with this, but I can have a bad few days and end up feeling really insecure in myself.   Hopefully this is something I can work on as it’s a far cry from the fun loving, confident business woman and friend that I used to be.

Food diary

Breakfast: Baked beans on 2 small slices of wholemeal toast with no butter.



Drinks: diet cola.


Fitness Diary

None today.


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