WorkForce Ultimate Comfort Work Socks Review


WorkForce Ultimate
Comfort Work Socks
WFHP300 Men’s size 9-11

Reviewed by Sarah Banbury

The WorkForce range by SockShop is a selection of hard wearing socks engineered for the protection and comfort of feet, upon which their owners spend most of their time. There is a construction sock, an ultimate safety sock and this version, the ultimate comfort sock. The specific features include arch support, cushioned panels for shock absorption, ventilation panels, and comfort seams on the toes. They are made from 42% coolmax Polyester, 38% Bamboo which offers a natural antibacterial property and Polyamide, Elastodiene and Elastane. They are also contoured to the left and right foot and are labelled accordingly, a feature which according to the wearer was the cause of great hilarity with his labourer!

The wearer in this case is a landscaper so wears safety boots as a matter of course. He is a size 8.5-9 shoe and so we were a little concerned these socks may be a too big. The contouring and reinforcement of certain areas however means that they were in fact quite a snug fit around the lower calf. This meant they weren’t the easiest to get on after a shower but once on were very comfortable. I’m not sure that someone with size 11 feet would find these big enough though. With average temperatures this week of 22°c, the socks were too thick for summer but he agreed would be very welcome in the autumn and winter and would not need a second pair underneath due to their construction. He also would not need to change his boots to allow him to wear extra pairs of thermal socks as he has done in previous years.

The socks come packaged in a cardboard wrap with a hanging hook which is perfectly practical and eco-friendly, being recyclable. On the back are the washing instructions which state maximum 40°c wash on the gentle synthetic cycle. Tumble drying, dry-cleaning or ironing is not recommended, not that it has ever crossed my mind to iron socks! I used a 40°c wash with 800 spin like most of our dark clothes and they came out clean, smelling fresh, and unbobbled. With their synthetic fibre content they also dried more quickly than his thinner cotton based ones which will be very useful in the winter as we don’t have a tumble dryer anyway.

 According to the SockShop website the ultimate safety sock in this range retails for £8 per pair so I would expect this to be a similar price. With free delivery on orders over £30, or £2.95 up to that amount, I would consider this very good value for money.  I have in the past paid over £20 for two pairs of winter weight thermal work socks. These are now on his Christmas list, shhh!!!

Marks out of 5 out of 5! (Although bear in mind sizing seems to be on the small side).

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from SockShop here.

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