Worlds Apart Disney Cars Sling Bookcase Review


WorldsApartCarsSlingBookcaseDisney Cars Sling Bookcase

Reviewed by Hannah Abbott

The Worlds Apart Disney Cars 2 Sling Bookcase is an excellent addition to any child’s bedroom/playing space.

Until now we have always stored our toddler’s story books in a separate toy box. This gave us some minor complaints, the key one being we quite often ended up reading the same story every night because it was always put on top and our little boy couldn’t see the selection he had. As a strong 2½ year old we couldn’t even help him pick an alternative because he is too independent. The solution is the Worlds Apart Sling Bookcase. Available in 3 designs, you can choose from Disney Cars 2 (this was our chosen design), Disney Princess and Thomas the Tank Engine. The Worlds Apart Sling bookcase allows you to display your books in a neat and tidy fashion whilst showing off the array of differing books that your child has. Now if you end up reading the same story each night, you know it’s purely your child likes that book.

The Worlds Apart Sling Bookcase arrived as a neat flat pack. Initially, there was a little panic because we couldn’t find the instructions – our fault as they were still in the box. The instructions were clear although a small element of section 1 didn’t seem logical doing it at this stage, but this was probably us looking into it too deeply. The instructions advise that it takes roughly 30 minutes to put together, we would have been able to do this much quicker if we hadn’t struggled screwing the screws into the top and bottom sling bars. Because of the bars being round you had to have a firm grip of the bar to stop it turning but when I tried to tighten the screw it only went in so far. Three screwdrivers later (to ensure that it wasn’t our tools), a change of builder (from me to my partner) and we were all go. Finally built! We aren’t sure why the screws hadn’t screwed for me but at least with a little perseverance we managed to build the bookcase.

On asking our child what it was for, he very confidently advised it was Cars for stories. We quickly started putting stories in the bookcase. As books for younger children are often of a larger nature this is fantastic storage, the children can clearly see which books they have and can locate their choice quickly. Unfortunately, smaller books don’t appear to fit in this too well, because you can’t see them you will easily forget you have them. I suppose if you can spend some time rearranging you may be able to make it work but you won’t be able to rely on your child returning the book to the correct place for it to be visible.

All of the segments are the same size, this means that when it comes to tidy up time it doesn’t matter where the child returns the book, if there is a space then it will fit.

I left my child reading with his Dad this morning happily choosing different books from the stand. We are yet to put all of the books in but we already know that this is a great addition to our variety of storage solutions in our home.

A fantastic product although a little difficult to secure the screws but overall a good quality product. It is definitely worth considering for young children within the recommended age range of 18 months to 5 years.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £34.99

Size: H60 x W51 x D23cm

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 Star

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