Wreck-it Ralph Review


Wreck-it Ralph

Reviewed by Mark Wright

Certificate: PG
Running Time: 108 minutes

Taking my family to the early cinema viewing of Disney’s animation ‘Wreck it Ralph’ at the Printworks Manchester, bought up a lot of old childhood memories of playing the original arcade games and remembering the characters now long forgotten in the modern games industry.

The ‘classics’ or ‘retro’ games as they’re now called, bring back a flood of happy memories where spending hours, (and money) in the local arcades, was the cool thing to do with your mates.

The first twenty minutes of this movie certainly brings that feeling back where a host of original game characters, (not to spoil the names) make an appearance in one form or another and set the scene of the movie.

The movie is based on the character Ralph, who becomes tired of being the bad guy in his game due to seeing all the glory being passed to his good guy counterpart ‘fix-it Felix’. Ralph decides to take matters into his own ‘massive’ hands and sets off on a journey to ‘game-hop’ into other arcade games to earn his own glory and become a hero of his own.

During his journey he enters a number of new gaming worlds that spans through the arcade gaming history, where the characters he meets along the way, (Sergant Calhoun) a tough female commando from the more modern ‘Heros Duty’, a first-person alien shoot-em-up  and the small, but feisty Vanellope von Schweetz, from the candy world racing game ‘Sugar Rush’ becomes the character that changes everything when Ralph accidently releases a deadly enemy in the Sugar Rush game that threatens the entire arcade world.

Will Ralph realise his purpose and save the day before it’s too late?

This storyline is very clever on so many levels… from the ‘bad-anon’ support group at the beginning through to the central station mechanism of characters game hoping through the electric cables. How do the guys at Disney think of all these clever sub plots and how can I get a job working there?!!

This is a film that has everything for the whole family and can be related to every age group and gaming genre. The characters are bought to life by a wonderful cast and a well-written storyline which creates a fantasy world that is formed within the arcade gaming we have grown to love and admire over the years.

Wreck it Ralph is officially released across UK cinemas on the 8 February and is a must see movie for all the family!

Rating: 5/5

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