Zoe Ruth Designs Handcrafted Sterling Silver Earrings Review


ZoeRuthDesignsHandcrafted Sterling Silver Earrings


Reviewed by Lynsey Brooke

The earrings arrived in a sturdy brown cardboard postal box, it was sealed with pretty “Open Me” tape. The box was easy to open although it was securely sealed and it easily fit through my letter box. The box can be recycled if required.

Inside the box the earrings were wrapped securely in tissue paper, inside a reusable organza bag and there was a personalised handwritten note which was a lovely touch.

I received 2 pairs of earrings, I will review each one separately.

Heart Shaped Copper & Sterling Silver Earrings £22: These earrings are lovely and much prettier than I imagined, the heart is made of hammered copper and the post sterling silver. I wore these earrings for 3 days, they are very comfortable and I had no reaction to them as I quite often do with other earrings. They appear to be made very well and are unusual but perfect for everyday wear.


Sterling Silver Wire Knot Earrings £18: These earrings are my favourite out of them both, they are very pretty and delicate but not fragile. These also appear to be very well made and again I had no reaction to them, they were very comfortable. They are perfect for day or evening wear, I wore this pair both throughout the day and also for a night out.


Overall: I was very surprised to receive 2 pairs of earrings as I was only expecting to receive the copper and sterling silver pair. I feel that overall they are very good value for money and would purchase more especially as they are all handmade. I feel that the quality of the earrings are excellent and that this cannot be appreciated until the earrings are seen in person. I would happily recommend these products to friends and family and I will be looking to purchase some as gifts in the near future.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Available to buy from www.zoeruthdesigns.co.uk.


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