6 Ways to Make Your Life That Little Bit Simpler


Feeling the pressure and strain of day to day life? We’ve all been there. It is so important to invest time and a little money in order to try and take as much stress out of our routines as possible. So if you are looking for ways to make your life a little more simple and stress free then read on for our top tips on how to do just that.

Wake Up Earlier

We are all guilty of being a little bit too attached to our snooze button. However compromising the amount of time we give ourselves to get ready in the morning is not conducive to stress-free and relaxing morning routines. Therefore quitting the snooze and getting into the routine of getting up 20 minutes earlier can open up a radically improved morning routine where you can enjoy getting ready in a leisurely manner and enjoying the time that you have to yourself in the morning.

Be More Focused

If you feel that you are constantly juggling numerous different tasks at any one time then maybe it is time to start getting a little bit more focused. Try writing lists of your daily priorities and tackling those tasks, one at a time. Being more focused on one single-task will mean that you give everything your full attention and you are less stressed constantly bouncing from one chore to another. Sometimes it’s important to admit that we just can’t do everything. So prioritising will allow you to be much more focused which will allow you to get things done much more quickly.

Get a Car

It is all very well when we are young to jump on a bus or to choose to walk to the shops and back. However, that just doesn’t really work as we get a little older. Having to do all the daily chores on foot and relying on public transport can be super stressful, so if you don’t already have a car, then you may want to think about getting one. It doesn’t need to be such a huge investment anymore however, for those of you worried about forking out for a new set of wheels.

There are now some great options for leasing a car long-term, so start thinking about the best car for you that could be your future lease. Jump online and see what packages and deals are out there and you can be in your new set of wheels in no time at all. There really is no need to struggle with everyday routines without the convenience of a car these days, so look into the different options out there in order to make your life much simpler.

Ask Yourself- Are you Keeping Things Simple?

It sounds all too obvious doesn’t it, but we can all surprise ourselves at how we can over complicate even the simplest of daily chores, issues and problems. So asking yourself if you are overcomplicating a situation is a really great thing to do to keep yourself in check. If the answer is no, then work through the ways that you can figure out how to simplify the situation you are in in order to find the calmest and easiest solution.

Spend Money You Have Earned & Saved

We all enjoy our credit cards, but overdoing it can make life more stressful than it needs to be. Instead shifting your spending habits can make your life much simpler and stress free. Aiming to only spend money that you have earned or saved means that you don’t need to worry about building debt or spending months paying something off that you perhaps couldn’t really afford. Being frugal and responsible with money is one of the most important ways that we can keep our lives as simple and as stress-free as possible.

Be A Little Selfish

Sometimes we can all find ourselves putting the needs of others in front of our own. That is totally natural, particularly when we have young families. However, it is super important to be finding time to do something for ourselves. In order to be the best versions of ourselves we need to spend time doing things that make us feel happy, positive and relaxed. So being a little more focused on the things that we can do to have a little, all important, ‘me time’ is the best way that we can continually work on ourselves, our state of mind and our overall well-being. It all works towards creating a more relaxed, happy and a simpler life where we feel fulfilled, happy and calm.

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