Adnams Jack Brand Beer Box Review


AdnamsBeerGiftBoxAdnams Jack Brand Beer Box

Reviewed by Debbie Tasker

The box containing six glass bottles arrived well packaged and within a larger box which was sturdy and did the job perfectly of keeping everything safe from breaking in transit.

The presentation box is brown cardboard with clear black bold writing stating what is in the box and catchy sketches of bottle tops with the Adnams logo on. I liked the look of the box and I feel it would appeal to males and make a great present for Father’s Day, Birthdays or even as a special treat.

I decided to test the beers on a few family members on a sunny Saturday afternoon. I placed all six in the fridge overnight so they would be nice and chilled.

First to be put to the test was Dry Hopped Lager (4.2%), made with Pilsner malt. This beer we agreed tasted like a traditional lager you would choose as a refreshing, but not too heavy drink. It poured easily and formed a slight head. It had hints of citrus and tropical fruits running through and had an excellent smooth taste.

Next we opened the Mosaic Pale Ale (4.1%), I have to admit I have never had it before and have always thought of it (much to my mums amusement) as a ‘old ladies tipple’ having watched Minnie Cordwell down it every day in Coronation Street throughout my childhood. When the top was removed a very pleasant aroma escaped when poured this is a light copper coloured drink oozing with lemon mango and peach making it rather sweet and very palatable.

As you get two of each beer the Crystal Rye I.P.A (5%) was the last to be tried. This one was darker and thicker than the previous two and I thought much stronger in taste my partner said this was his favourite and continued to drink most of the first bottle and all the second! I feel it had a unique taste but not one I’m keen on, which was disappointing because I was looking forward to it after reading on the label it contains “subtle toffee flavours” that I personally couldn’t taste.

The Adnams selection would be well received by any beer drinker. Very reasonably priced at £8.99, what is there not to like about three beers each with their own individual taste that do not leave you with the bloated feeling some drinks do.

Overall a great idea and the perfect Father’s Day present!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £8.99

Available to buy from Adnams here.


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