Aduna Super Teas Review


Reviewed by Lindsay Burton

Tenderly made with whole pieces of fruit, herbs, leaves, flowers and spices, Aduna Super Teas come in tea pyramids specially made for superior brewing power and provides the highest quality flavour. 100% natural and organic, these teas are packed with feel good benefits and ethically sourced. These Super Teas are available in five delicious flavours, they are equally tasty served hot or over ice:

LEMON, GINGER & BAOBAB provides a light and refreshing taste: bright, zesty lemons powered by an invigorating kick of ginger. Baobab rich source of vitamin C, which contributes to normal energy release, immune function and healthy, glowing skin.

CINNAMON SPICED CACAO has a luxurious dark chocolate aroma which gives way to a light, cocoa flavour enriched with warming spices. Probably my favourite of all 5, the Cacao in this tea supports cardiovascular health, elasticity of arteries and healthy blood circulation (great for those with cold hands & feet!).

MINT, NETTLE & MORINGA has a lively, clean green flavour with earthy undernotes and a cooling fresh mint finish. Referred to as the Miracle Tree, Moringa contains 5 vitamins and minerals, 25% fibre, 25% plant protein and is very high in antioxidants.

ROSEHIP, ALOE VERA & HIBISCUS consists of a full bodied, fruity and floral flavour with berry notes, perfectly balancing sweet and sour.

GREEN TEA & TURMERIC is a bright, earthy green tea balanced with warming turmeric and a pep of citrus; this tea is rich in taste.

Although individual pyramids can be purchased, gift boxes are available for purchase online and these beautifully wrapped packages will make wonderful Christmas presents. You might even want to try some of the other products in the Aduna range which are also included in some of the gift boxes.

Rating: 5/5

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