Aldi 100l Water Butt Review


Reviewed by Sandip Stapleton

I was hoping to use this water butt to replace an existing one that is an open topped water butt that collects rain water as it falls as and from a pipe that has been directed into it. I was looking for a closed butt as the open topped ones tend to have stagnant water which isn’t great for garden plants. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to directly replace my existing butt with the ALDI one. This water butt uses a diverter pipe coming off a down pipe that goes directly down to a drain. This means that once full, any excess water can flow down to the drain.

The butt itself is very lightweight which makes it easy to move around so there is no worry about picking this up from the store and walking to your car with it. It is made from recycled materials which is also a bonus.

It was very easy to assemble and would fit onto pretty much all down pipes without needing to buy any connectors as everything you need is supplied. Assembly requires you to drill a 26mm hole into it so that you can attach the supplied diverter pipe into it. This wasn’t an issue for us but it maybe for people that do not own a 26mm drill bit. It’s a shame this hole isn’t predrilled.

All in all, this is a great water butt that is easy to assemble and use, which given that it costs less that £20 is fab.

Rating: 4.5/5

Aldi garden Specialbuys are in stores nationwide from 18 June 2015. For more information or to find your nearest Aldi store visit

4 half Star

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