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Alfresco Soft Brew Review

softbrewAlfresco Soft Brew

Reviewed by Tricia Dodds

I’m always interested in trying new alternatives to alcoholic drinks and I was delighted to be asked to review Alfresco Soft Brew. There is only so much ‘pop’ one can drink and, in my opinion, other non-alcoholic beer products have not quite managed to get it quite right so far.

Soft Brew comes in 3 flavours – Apple, Lemon and Lime & Elderflower. Each flavour has appropriate coloured labelling on the 275m bottle. Whilst the label clearly states 0% alc. vol., the tag line on the bottom of the label ‘The non-alcoholic drink born in a brewery’ somehow gives the impression that the product is going to be as good as anything containing alcohol. And it doesn’t disappoint! Each bottle has a screw lid – and instructions are to gently chill the product before consuming.

I purposefully didn’t read the classy little folded description card before sampling the product as I wanted to be able to find my own words to describe it. I honestly couldn’t choose one flavour over the others – they were all lovely. On pouring out the drink, I was impressed to see that it formed a frothy head and on smelling before tasting, the hoppy smell was very distinctive. Lastly, the flavour delivered – and my partner (a fan of a local ale named after our city of Newcastle – was equally impressed that a drink containing no alcohol could be so good. So we were not surprised on reading the description card that it states *Frothy head *Hoppy on the nose and *Full, deep flavour!

For people avoiding alcohol – for whatever reason – I really feel this product has got it right. Here is a drink that stands up alongside alcoholic products meaning no one has to feel like the odd one out. It really is a case of ‘having your cake and eat it’. And with a very low calorie content – it just gets better!

Bottles are reasonably priced at £1.29 and are available for purchase from who are also able to advise which pubs/restaurants stock it.

Congratulations folks at Alfresco Drinks Ltd. – in my opinion you’ve cracked it. A definite 5/5 and a wholehearted recommendation from my household.

NO preservatives, NO additives, NO alcohol

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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