Amazonia Preciosa Brazil Nut Shampoo Review


Amazonia Preciosa Brazil Nut Shampoo

Reviewed by Helen Clarry

This shampoo bottle looks exotic and mysterious. It comes in a very dark brown bottle and states that it contains natural and organic ingredients from the Amazon Rain Forest.

The product says it is for dry and damaged hair and offers nutrition and vitality – it is the kind of shampoo I would buy as I have coloured hair and like a shampoo and conditioner that gives lots of moisture. The product information leaflet is very informative and lists the natural ingredients in it from the Amazon and what they are used for there.

I liked the fact that the bottle had a push down dispenser – it was easy to use. I’m afraid I wasn’t very keen on the smell. It’s hard to describe but does smell like you might expect containing Brazil nut. The smell lasted through the day but wasn’t pleasant to me.  The colour of the shampoo is a light brown pearlescent colour (indicating moisturisers), and is of a medium consistency. I did have to use more volume than I would with my normal shampoo to get an all-over lather (I have medium-long hair).

After shampooing, my hair felt clean and fairly moisturized. I did use my normal conditioner, so it would have been good to try the Brazil nut conditioner too. Afterwards my hair felt no different than with my normal shampoo – however I probably wouldn’t buy this product just because of the smell – smell is important in shampoo choice.

Rating: 3/5

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