Amy Childs Fit In 30 Days Review


Amy Childs Fit In 30 Days

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

This 96 minute action packed work out DVD from one of Essex's most loved stars is fun, fast paced and fab at toning your wobbly bits!

Each of the 5 workouts really push you and Amy herself is quite the bossy boots at times which is good as it was the kick up the bum I needed to continue.

I found the first few days the hardest with this DVD as I was aching when I woke up, I guess this is a good sign though.

I hope after doing the 30 days I look as glamorous as Amy!!!

I was lucky enough to review this DVD. It is a great work out DVD with Amy Childs and her trainer Drew Rush (who ladies is not bad to look at so makes it worthwhile).

It is set into 5 different workouts which is good if you only have 10-15 minutes as you can just do one or two, or if you are fit and brave you can attempt all 5. I have only managed to do 2 at a time as I am not that brave yet but you can certainly feel it working. It is quite a fast set pace so not for the faint hearted, they do 100 lots of each exercise but this is counted down from 40 then rest for 45 seconds then 30, then rest then 20, 10. The exercises are to strengthen core muscles, and trim the upper and lower body, quite a few of the exercises they use dumbbells for but you can always improvise or just do the exercises without weights. The only thing I didn’t like about the workout DVD was it had no warm up or warm down exercise on it so just make sure you do warm up first.

I would defiantly recommend this DVD to others who want to lose weight or to just get trim.
Reviewed by Louise Howton

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