ASDA Love Hearts Handwarmers Review


Reviewed by Dawn Watson

I also got sent something completely different. Handwarmers with the Love Hearts logos on them. You got two in a pack and they were round with hearts printed on them one saying ‘Hold Me’, the other saying ‘ Hot Stuff’.

They heated up very quickly and easily with a click of metal disc inside and they were really warm and cosy. They are completely re-useable by popping in a pan of boiling water for a few minutes and following the instructions included.

I can imagine these being handy for perhaps someone who works outside to give a quick blast of heat to your hands but if I am totally honest I am not quite sure, other than the words noted on them, what their connection is to Valentine’s Day? I know Love Heart sweeties have always had lovely words on them and are a real talking point when you were younger, but perhaps using their logo on something else would have worked for me more than the handwarmers…Very much a novelty buy for Valentine’s, but I suppose you could use them all year round.

Unfortunately the hand warmers we were not so much a fan so only, although they do the job they are supposed to warm your hands.

RRP: £4

Rating: 2/5

Available to buy from

2 Star

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